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Arranging Your Own Playdates

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Arranging Your Own Playdates

Details to figure out:

  • Who (Which friend? More than one friend?)

  • What (What activity? Have a few back up ideas)

Hang out at your house, go to the mall, paint pottery, ice skate, go to the park, play a game at a coffee shop, go see a movie, etc.

  • When (Day? Time? How long?)

  • Where (Your house? Activity place?)

Don’t invite yourself over to someone’s house.

How (How will you both get there?)


  1. Talk to your parents about your ideas to figure out days, times, and activities that are okay with them.

  2. Call your friend. Ask politely to speak to her.

  3. Greet your friend and tell her it’s you calling. Ask how she is doing (small talk skills!).

  4. Explain the reason for your call: “I’m calling because I’m wondering if you would like to ____________ (activity) on _________________ (day)?”

  5. Be flexible. She may not be available on that day and you may have to work together (and wit h your parents) to figure out a time that works best. If she is not interested in the activity, have one or two other ideas or ask her if there is something she would suggest.

  6. Work out the details noted above.

  7. Don’t push it. If she does not seem interested in hanging out at all, that is okay. Just tell her not to worry, it was nice talking to her, and you’ll see her around (at school, church, soccer, wherever).

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